TestHouse Enko Ltd
ENKO Test Platform

A Test Platform that Grows with
Your Needs

TestHouse Enko’s systems for RF and EMC testing are designed for meet a variety of needs, ranging from simple GSM testing to co-existence testing of a range of radio techonologies. The modular structure allows you to get started with only a few testing modules, such as GSM and 3G, but  later to expand to e.g. Bluetooth, WiFi, WiMAX and LTE.

Regardless of which set of radio technologies you are testing, the functionality and appearance of your testing system and user interface remains the same.

The Modular Test System Architecture

The Enko Test Platform comprises control and sequencing functionality common to all test cases. This generic platform is independent of the wireless technology subject to testing and other case-specific parameters.

The Enko Test Platform consists of two main components: the user interface (UI) and the test sequencer. The user-friendly UI contains test execution controls, access to testcase parametrization, test results storage selection, temperature control and DUT position selection. The UI also has access to the system configuration section and sequence builder. The test sequencer is responsible for the lower- level control and execution of individual measurement tasks.


Key features

Fully modular architecture
Variety of ready-to-use
    measurement suites
Measurement suites for
    new wireless technologies
    under constant development
Standard user interface for
    all wireless technologies
Fully compatible with major
    measurement equipment
Versatile data analysis

Key benefits

Ready-to-go - the Enko Test
    System is an existing,
    industy-proven product
Easily expandable - start
    with one wireless technology,
    add more as you need
Compatible - makes use of
    your existing measurement
    equipment (or order a full
    turn-key package from
    TestHouse Enko)